Booster Assessment Costs FAQ

Student Booster Assessment Cost FAQ

What is it? How Much? When? Why? How?

AHS Band Programs include Marching Band, Symphonic Band and Jazz Band. Each program have their own costs and equipment with associated expenses of potential travel, uniforms, and competition fees. All band and guard students are required to pay a Student Band Assessment Cost (SBAC) for each program.

The cost for operating our Band Program is as follows:

Marching Band: $400 per student

Payment/Fundraising Schedule:
• July 26th – $100
• August 23rd – $100
• September 20th – $100
• October 18th – $100

Symphonic Band: $250 per student

Payment/Fundraising Schedule:
• September 6th – $50
• October 11th – $50
• November 8th – $50
• January 10th – $50
• February 7th – $50

Jazz Band: $200 per student

Payment/Fundraising Schedule:
September 6th – $50
October 11th – $50
January 10th – $50
February 7th – $50

There is now a discount when you have more than one child in the Band programs as well as when your student is involved in multiple ensembles.

What Do The BAC’s Cover?

The BAC’s goes toward acquisition of the marching band music and its arrangement, copyrights, marching drill development and instruction, payments to trainers who work with band sections individually on skill development, competition entrance fees, color guard expenses, acquisition of special equipment and props, buses for travel, and some of the food provided during away events, among many other expenses. Symphonic and Jazz band BAC’s also cover clinicians and music and equipment. Please see the current budget for more details.

Why Does AHS Band Have This?

There are some costs covered by Albuquerque Public Schools and by Albuquerque High School, for example,
the band uniforms (but not the cleaning), busses to transport students to football games, and Ms. Stott’s
salary (but not her support staff). When paid, the BAC’s will cover the majority of expenses beyond those covered by APS and AHS. The total Band Booster budget Ms. Stott needs to provide these fantastic programs in 2018-2019 exceeds $54,000, so Booster Assessment Costs are essential. While you can just write a check for the amount of the SBAC’s, many choose to get the needed money via fund raising. All parents and band students are expected to help out in order to make all of our Music Programs Successful.

What if this is too expensive?

Talk to Ms. Stott. She and the Boosters are committed to making a high-quality music education and performance opportunity available to all. There are options available to make the program accessible to all. Email Ms. Stott to schedule an appointment at

What Fund Raising Opportunities Exist?

We have several major and minor fund raisers throughout the year. See the Fundraising Page and the Calendar for more information. Individual fund raising participation can also provide credit toward a student’s Booster Assessment Cost.  Likewise, wreath and Scrip card sales enable students to earn toward BAC’s and the spring trip cost.

What about Donations?

The AHS Band Booster organization, an official 501c3 non-profit group, gratefully accepts monetary and in-kind donations. See the band website ( to donate via the PayPal “Donate Here” button, or direct them to send a check to AHS Band Boosters with a memo line of “donation” to PO Box 35803 ABQ, NM 87176-5803. Encourage employers, family, and friends to be patrons of our group! Donations through the United Way and the combined federal campaign all can be designated to the AHS band, which directly contributes to our school band activity account. Families can choose to sponsor a specific band student’s costs.