Goodwill Fundraiser!!! Nov. 9th

The Goodwill Fundraiser is right around the corner.  Attached, please find flyers for the event (English and Spanish).  SHARE THEM!  Post the flyers to your social media accounts.  Email them to family and friends.  Print out copies to share with neighbors and co-workers.  Share them with your neighborhood association , Next Door or any other means you have of sharing events in your community.

We need YOUR help to make this event a success.  We need to collect a lot of donations to make the most of this fundraiser!  Most of our donations come directly from band families.  Please, clean out your closets and bring your stuff!  This fundraiser benefits the entire band program so regardless of what band(s) your student is a part of they will benefit from our efforts.

Volunteers are also needed for the event.  We need a few adults to help out accepting the donations and working the bake sale table but we need A LOT of band students to stand in the streets with signs to attract attention to our event.  I have also requested the drum line for an hour or so starting at 11am.

Finally, BAKERS.  Thank you bakers.  Please sign up to provide baked goodies for our bake sale on the volunteer sign-up sheet. (check your email for link to sign up sheet!)


GoodDeeds Flyer 11.9.19

GoodDeeds Flyer 11.9.19 Spanish