May Booster Meeting

Mighty Bulldog Band Booster Club Meeting Minutes
May 14, 2024  6:30 pm
Band Room
  • Welcome
  • President – Ashley Barela 
      1. Looking for a new Car Wash Venue – Does anyone know of a business in the AHS school district that can host?  Gene’s Car Wash is no longer available. Suggestions were raised: Wilson Middle School and Old Town Tire and Automotive, print shop on Lomas.
      2. Good bye Seniors Party will be held May 18th at 5:00 PM at 925 Avenida del Sol NE, ABQ NM 87110. Freshman bring fruit. Sophomores bring veggies. Juniors bring sodas. Seniors bring dessert. There will be paper plate awards as well as senior letters. All family members are invited!
      3. Uniform returns will be on the last week of school 5/27-5/30. Bibbers, concert jackets and dickeys must be dry cleaned before being returned. Granbury Cleaners, at 4314 Lomas NE, will clean the jacket and bibber for $8.00 – just let them know you’re with AHS. Dickeys are an additional expense. Please discuss with Mr. Sault if assistance is needed with covering cleaning expense. Senior uniforms were dropped off at the dry cleaners today and will be picked up after graduation.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Kelly Stevens
      1. Jazz Dinner Dance netted $2700. The profit came thanks to the Silent Auction and to the incredibly good deal we received on catering from Cafe Istanbul and slightly more accurate food ordering. We also received a $500 donation from Baum’s that was credited to the event.
      2. The Mattress fundraiser brought in $1750.
      3. Since May of 2023, we have spent $25,000 and raised $37,000.  There is $59,108 in the bank.  Our expenditures were kept low thanks in large part to the incredible efforts of the Feed the Band committee who solicited many donations to feed the band at the many events they participate in.  Snap Raise continues to be the big rainmaker for the year.
      4. There was discussion about the legalities of what to do with the surplus. A working balance/contingency fund will be helpful to cover unexpected large expenses. The band truck is due for major maintenance. In the past Boosters have organized a social event at a bowling alley for the kids. Interested in moving our account to a credit union and put some of the money where it can earn interest. Some credit unions offer grant money to non-profits that bank with them.
      5. Looking for help to take over Treasurer duties. Contact  Ashley Barela at for more information. 
  • Director’s Report – Daniel Sault
      1. The 2024-2025 Budget was approved at the meeting. 
        1. Total for musical growth: $19,750 
        2. Total for extra musical expenses: $18,600
        3. Grand total: $39,100. The goal is to always keep musical growth expenditures greater than money for incidental expenses.  The budget this year increased from $33,800 for 2023-2024 School Year.
      2. 2024-2025 budget for expenses paid for by band fees is $20,500
      3. Estimating numbers in the low 90s for marching band and 30s for marching auxiliary.
  • Miscellaneous
    1. Carrie is passing on admin responsibilities for the Google Account to Danielle
    2. Looking for people to help with communications next year.  Please contact Paulina at for more information.

Enjoy your Summer Break!


Jazz Dinner Dance Silent Auction

Mighty Bulldog Band Silent Auction Fundraiser
Bidding 5:00 – 7:15
Winners Announced at 7:30

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the generous donors who have provided us with the excellent goods and services available at the 2024 Jazz Dinner Dance Silent Auction.  See photos of all the goods on our Facebook Page.

2 Hours of Professional Woodwind Repair – Second Wind Repair
1 Hour Photography Session – Adrienne Renee Photography
2 Free Oil Change – Jiffy Lube
2 $50.00 Excell Cleaners Gift Certificate – Excell Cleaners

Home Goods
Weber Original Kettle 22” Charcoal Grill with Spatula & Tongs – Ashley Barela
Engraved 20 oz. Tumbler & Engraved Wallet – Cheii Engraving
1 Cutting Board – Gabaldon Carpentry
1 sets of 2 Cutting Boards – Gabaldon Carpentry
Gravy Warmer & 3 football theme bowls – Celene Barela
Single person Tent with Sleeping Bag – Celene Barela
Neck and Shoulder Massager & Car and Home Heat Massager – Celene Barela
Afghan Blanket Throw Size – Deborah Garvey-Milford

Band and Instrument Goods
Clarinet, Case, Cleaning Supplies and Reeds – Uptown Pawn
AHS Mighty Bulldog Apparel Pack – Mighty Bulldog Band Boosters

Gift Baskets
Craft Coffee Gift Pack – 2 Bags Single Origin Craft Coffee, Engraved Mug – Slow Burn Coffee
Tea Gift Box – Tea Sampler, Steeper, Water Bottle – Old Barrel Tea Company
Bundle of Books, Gift Card, T-Shirt – Bookworks
National Guard Bundle – Backpack, Water Bottle, Sunglasses, Towel, Fanny Pack – New Mexico National Guard

Jewelry and Crafts
Navajo Inlay Necklace – Jayne Quam
Jewelry Pack – Betsey Johnson
Hand Painted Greenware Vase – Lonasee Pottery
2 Mugs, 5 pairs of Earrings, Badge Reel – PB Expressions
Crocheted Butterfly Maidens – Bobbie Natewa

Gift Cards
$30 gift card, t-shirt, pins and stickers – Catopia Cat Cafe
Italian Ice Gift Card – Pop Pop’s Italian Ice
Pink Pony Gift Card – Michaela Gallegos
2 Boba Tea Company Gift Cards – Boba Tea Company
3 Boba Tea Company Gift Cards – Boba Tea Company


1. Do not pick up any items! Please ask for assistance if you’d like a closer look.
2. Bidding will be held between 5 PM – 7:15 PM. Winning Bidder must be present to pay for and receive the item once the winner is announced. Any unclaimed items will become property of the Mighty Bulldog Boosters and may be given to the second highest bidder.
3. Bids must meet the minimum bidding increment requirement, or risk disqualification. Bidding amount will increase in whole dollar increments. For example, the minimum next bid after $20 is $21.
4. Bidding on an item multiple times is allowed.
5. All bids and sales are final. Bidders agree to pay in full at the end of the Silent Auction by Cash or Credit Card.
6. Limits may apply to the scope of services offered by Silent Auction Donors. Please be aware of and respect limitations for Silent Auction items.
7. Bidder assumes all risk. Bidders assume any and all risks or hazards associated with items. The Mighty Bulldog Band booster organization is not liable for any risk or damages.
Items are offered as is.