Booster Club Meeting Minutes 10/10/2023

Mighty Bulldog Band Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Welcome by President Ashley Barela

Treasurer’s Report by Kelly Stevens
1. Costs: $1800 between music lessons, pizzas for Homecoming night and other miscellaneous items.
2. Revenue: $100
3. $40,000 in the bank; most major expenditures for the year have been taken care of

Agenda Items Discussion
1. Concert and Jazz Band Concert 10/11 at 6pm in the PAC: Come early (5:15) if you can’t make booster meetings to learn about what the Booster Club does for all AHS band activities (transportation for events, music lessons, instruments, etc.), about joining Booster committees (Fundraising and Special Events, Performance Logistics, Communications and Finance), the upcoming Pistachio fundraiser, and ongoing Shoe Fundraiser (all year long).
2. Shoe fundraiser: So far have sent in 82 pairs. We’ll find out next month how much we got for them. You can bring in any shoes, and Danielle will sort them. This fundraiser will go on for the entire school year – bring the shoes to the band room any time.
3. Holiday Craft Fairs: The Mighty Bulldog Band Boosters typically sell pistachios at a School Craft Fair in December as a fundraiser. The Boosters voted between Jefferson MS (Dec. 2nd) and Monte Vista ES (Dec. 9th) and decided on Jefferson, since the details for this event have already been determined. We will be looking for volunteers closer to the event to help sell pistachios.

Upcoming Events/Dates (
All the events listed on the agenda emailed out 10/9/2023 were reviewed. Two items were discussed in greater detail:
1. October 14th Football Game at 11:00/Senior Day – Traditionally senior band members have left their shoes on the field for the next generation to pick up and symbolically carry on with and posters were put up to honor graduating seniors. This year will be a little different. Posters will not be put up at the game in order to protect the privacy of band members; seniors will be honored/recognized at the end of year potluck. Seniors are asked to leave a memento on the field (like a drumstick or other symbolic item) for the underclassmen to pick up and carry into the next year. Remember that the annular eclipse will take place that day between 9:13 and 12:09, and will peak at 10:36. MAKE SURE YOUR KIDS HAVE EYE PROTECTION (They’re gonna want to look)!
2. October 24th Jefferson Middle School Concert – We’ll need a parent or two to hand out flyers and answer questions about the AHS Band program. We’d like band students to participate.

From the Band Director
Business as usual. Nothing new to bring up.

Upcoming Competition Details
Times may be subject to change. These events are (mostly) all day events.

1. MMPA (Marching Music Performance Assessment)
a. The Feed the Band Committee solicited a generous Subway donation to feed the students after their performance (around 6 pm) and will pay the remainder to supply sandwiches to all. Parents are asked to visit the MMPA Sign-up Sheet to sign up to bring in chips, cookies and beverages.
b. Call time 4pm Load Truck 4:20 Bus at 4:40 Performance 5:30 at Milne Return to AHS at 9pm. We need volunteers (chaperones, truck loading crew, pit crew, etc.) to make this work. Please visit the MMPA Sign-up Sheet to sign up for one of the many open slots.
2. Bands Across the Rio Grande
a. The Feed the Band Committee has solicited a generous donation of a main entrée from Garcia’s Kitchen and is working on finding a source for some beans and rice. The goal is to feed the students after their performance (around 3:30 pm)
b. Call time Noon, Bus 12:30, Performance at 2:45 Award 5:30 Returning to AHS 6:30. We need volunteers (chaperones, truck loading crew, pit crew, etc.) to make this work. Please visit the Bands on the Rio Grande Volunteers Sign-up sheet to sign up for one of the many open slots.
3. Zia Marching Competition
a. The Special Events Committee is coordinating food and other needs for this event and will provide buns and plates, etc. Please contact the special events committee if you’re interested in helping ( Alumni parents will grill burgers, veggie burgers and hot dogs. Parents are asked to bring a dish to share for a potluck style lunch. Please visit the Zia Sign-Up Sheet to sign up for a dish to bring. We will aim to serve food after the performance at our tailgating location in the east parking lot (around 2:30). Families are welcome to join. If AHS places, the Boosters will figure out how to feed them dinner.
b. AHS Performing at 1:45. Call time 11am, Load Truck 11:30am, Bus at 11:45 Arrive/ Warm up at Zia at 12:15 pm, Award 5:30 Arrive back at school 6:30 (without placement) Please visit the Zia Sign-Up Sheet to sign up for one of the many open slots
c. The Boosters will have snacks available at school before loading to try and offset fainting on the field. We will also need a volunteer to provide water to kids during warmup at University Stadium.
d. We will have two parents with SUVs or trucks with camper shells at school for students to put their instrument cases in.
e. 2 families will provide 3 tents for our tailgating location. (1 more in the band storage closet)
f. Remember to bring clear bags to the stadium.

Pistachio Sales

Pistachio sales will begin at the end of this week. Pistachios make great holiday gifts and are easy to sell! Last year we made a $5000 profit off the sales, and with more band members this year we can do even better! Keep an eye out for sales information in your inbox this Thursday. Each band family will collect orders and money, then submit one order to the Boosters via a Google form and pay the total amount for their sales via a QR code. Each band family is responsible for distributing their sales. The deadline to submit an order will be November 13th. We aim to have the pistachios available for distribution by the first weekend of December – just in time to give out for holiday gifts.

T Shirts
1. Folks who have questions about getting a t-shirt can contact the fundraising committee:
2. Our 2nd order was delayed due to Balloon Fiesta. We hope to have them ready next week. We will provide more information then about how to acquire.
3. Limited quantity of t-shirts will be available for sale at Wednesday night’s concert in the Performing Arts Center (PAC)


Booster Club Meeting Minutes 9/12/2023

Mighty Bulldog Band Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Welcome & Introduction by President Ashley Barela

Treasurer’s Report by Kelly Stevens
Costs: $2000 costumes and flags, $2379 insurance, $350 Zia Competition, Carts, Paint for Props
Revenue: $2500 Marchathon, $1400 tshirts (but cost $1600 to print – there are shirts left)
We are on track with our budget
Going forward QR codes for the Square will be generated by Kelly alone, in order to better track sources of income.

Meeting Discussion
The football game volunteering seems to be going well. Please provide feedback if you see room for improvement.
Marchathon Reflections:
Definitely continue alternating between feeder schools neighborhoods
What about twice a year? We’d need to check with Sault and the kids
Set up a station halfway through for refreshments
Snacks before leaving
How about inviting 8th graders?
Pistachio Fundraiser: Every year we pick up bags of pistachios from Heart of the Desert Farm in Alamagordo and sell them before the holiday season. 4 different flavors (salted, unsalted, green chile and red chile) come packaged in 8 oz. burlap sacks. We sold them at $9 each last year. We hope to get the pricing this year established so we can start selling in beginning of October. They will get picked up by Mark Horner some time around Thanksgiving and parents will pick up the order they sold from him. These make great holiday gifts. Flyers and QR codes will be made available. We may sell them at the Jefferson craft fair.
Alternate parent meeting: Parent meeting will be held before the concert on Oct 11th, for those parents unable to attend the Tuesday night meetings. Call time for the concert is 5:00, and meeting will start shortly thereafter. We will be selling tshirts and talking about committees and the gotsneakers fundraiser.
Officers: Danielle Siutza elected as Vice President
Executive Committee Tasha Horton, Elizabeth Milford and Paulina Aguilera-Eaton were voted onto the Board. They join Carrie McNeill and Tom Pehr.

From the Band Director
Mr. Sault proposes holding the annual Jazz Dinner Dance around Valentines Day instead of close to prom. Ashley will check with the activities director to see which weekend in February is available. Those present supported the move, while suggesting that later in February is preferable to allow for more planning time. The Jazz Dinner Dance committee will start convening soon. If you are interested in joining, please contact Ashley. This committee will make decisions such as will there be food or not this year and tackles issues such as decorations, ticketing, promotion and food (if we go that route this year).

Upcoming Activities
10/6 – Homecoming and 8th grade night for football game/band show. We will need to feed the kids that night.
10/11 – Band concert, pre-concert meeting for band parents unable to attend regular booster meetings
10/14 – Daytime football game/band show at 11:00 (Annular Eclipse!)
10/18 – MPA at Milne stadium. We will need to feed the band. Not sure of time yet. Stay tuned
10/21 – Bands on the Rio Grande at Rio Rancho. It is paid for already, not a competition, but it does get adjudicated. Bands are organized by band size (4A), not school size.
10/28 – Zia Competition. Band will be competing by school size (5A) at UNM football stadium. It is sponsored by the UNM Music Program. Bands typically congregate on the east side of the parking lot, where boosters set up a shade structure for a base camp for kids and parents. Band alumni dads typically take care of the grilling (need 3 grills) and families bring food to share for the potluck. Boosters will make sure kids are fed lunch. If AHS makes finals, then the band stays through the evening. The event ends at 9:30 pm. There is a clear bag policy at UNM Stadium. We will need all hands on deck for this event – extra parents for pit crew, people to stake out the space in the morning and get shade structure and tables set up. This year we’d like to have a couple small pickup trucks available to put the small instrument cases in so they can remain closer to the kids. (Band base camp is on the east side of the stadium and the band truck goes on the west side of the stadium). Sign up sheets to come!

Pilot Initiative – Committees
We are establishing committees with co-champions to guide certain volunteer initiatives. The idea is that parents who can’t make it to meetings can connect with groups that match their skills and interests. We also hope to ensure sustainability of volunteer efforts by making sure that an upperclassman parent and underclassman parent are always involved. Committees and champions are as follows:
Special Events and Fundraising: Ashley Barela and Danielle Siutza
Finance: Kelly Stevens and Tasha Horton
Communications and Technology: Carrie McNeill and Paulina Aguilera-Eaton
Trucks and Props: Mark Horner and Gualterio Quintana
Feed the Band: Juan Larrañaga and Michaela Gallegos
Uniforms: Cecilia Horner and Michaela Gallegos

Check the website for contact information